Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fabulous finds: Heels from Ethnik collection

Yes ladies , don't you wish you had these heels  in your shoe collection. Even though I cannot wear  these type high heels  because  I am about 5'11, I will just buy these and look at it everyday . These are made by ethnik collection and if you want you will have to wait until next year when they will be released . You can  check on the updates here. Any thoughts ? Do you like it ?
So what do you think of ?


  1. I love it... its really pretty.

  2. i have died and gone to shoe heaven

  3. I know guys , I wish i could wear it but it s beautiful .

  4. Girl you can certainly still rock these heels, even tho you're tall! OWN IT! And yes, I would very much like these on my feet ... like now!! #pleaseandthankyou

  5. oh my god! These are so beautiful. I love them! they are perfect!!!

    ...and I agree with Udee, you better own that height and work these bad boys!!

    Eboni Ife'
    The Fashionista Next Door

  6. @anoymous Someone has been leaving comments under this post claiming that these heels are not Real . i first posted the comment because everyone is entitled to their opinion however the comments have been coming non stop and i have a feeling that its from the same person. I just have this to say, i do not get paid not rewarded in any type of way to post the work of designers on my site, If you feel that you have something to say maybe you can be woman or man enough and direct your comments to the designer. I always like to keep to things positive , however if you have some to say just send me an email. You can choose to keep sending comments but sorry this is my site and i decide what is posted or not. oupsssss sorryyyyyy