Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kenya fashion designers spotlight: Bahati by Patricia Wakaimba

Patricia Wakaimba
Bahati is an African inspired fashion collection embracing the continents infinite cultural diversity through the use of bold, rich and vibrant prints.Bahati prides itself on an uncompromising commitment to delivering innovative, original products combining exceptional design, quality and value.They are proudly feminine and strive to empower girls and women regardless of their age to take pride in every aspect of their lives.Patricia Wakaimba is the brain behind Bahati which was only created in August 2009 . She describes  the Bahati customer is as being  feminine, strong,confident,  stylish and individual.
Patricia not only  designs women clothes but she also has a handbag line called Kiboko .(photos.)In the long run  she plans to grow Bahati into a fully sustainable and internationally recognized fashion label. I cannot wait to see more work from this young talent .She is currently  working toward releasing her new collection.As we can see there are young talented  designers emerging Everyday  and Patricia is for a sure Designer to watch .

Bahati Nia Dress

Bahati Zahara dress

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  1. Great write up, way to go Patricia, we wish you much success

  2. Very inspirational!


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