Sunday, February 14, 2010

Asos Africa collection

Asos Africa collection -African print romper #Ankara #africanprint #kitenge

I am I the only one or are you getting the feeling that African fashion , fabrics, and designers are taking over the 2010 fashion world? Within the last week , this is my third report about our fabrics being used by celebrities , featured in magazines and now sold in one of the most popular online fashion stores .I pretty much daydream about almost all the dresses on that site. According to the press release the clothes are designed , sourced and produced in Africa. I just hope that the designers making the clothes are getting enough money. I do have some mixed feelings about this one.Although I am happy that finally our designers might get the change to make money off their work , or will they ? In the western fashion world every is a trend as soon as these designs hit the runway then we might see it in stores like H&M , or Forever 21 . Are they stealing one of the most unique things that we have ? Think about it is this fair to Africa ? what you think ? Will you buy from them ?

You can see more here .Asos Africa collection -African print romper #Ankara #africanprint #kitenge Asos Africa collection -African print romper #Ankara #africanprint #kitenge Asos Africa collection -African print romper #Ankara #africanprint #kitenge


  1. Asos Africa is just a way to control the African fashion market. an African will have to buy african clothes from the uk? They know and are scared that an African entrepreneur with enough money could just decide to create the equivalent of Asos in Africa, have all africans designers under one same roof allowing the african consumer the opportunity to buy and invest in the Continet. Buying from Asos and the money stay in Europe and once again we get ripped off.

  2. U are right . There is the that people can actually buy from . I got to admit that the prices are not affordable to everyone maybe because the cllothes are not mass produced. U have a point but what are we doing about as Africans?


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