Friday, June 5, 2009

Interview with Hajia the queen of Geles in Toronto

Ciaa: Hi Hajia and welcome to Ciaafrique, tell us a bit about yourself

Mariam:My name is Mariam, some call me Hajia. I recently migrated to Canada and started Mariam's concept. My website {} explains more. I am a makeup artist and a master in African head wrap tying. I provides services to individuals on their special day.

Ciaa: You hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Houston and a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling How did you turn into a beauty expert ? and what inspired you to start Mariam’s concept
(laugh), beauty has always being my passion, but education is also very important to me. So I decided to get both.

Ciaa: How would you describe your look and sense of style?
Mariam:I think my look is definitely different, its striking and it stands out, and my sense of style come from the latest trends and whats in vogue and incorporating it into the African beauty and fashion society.

Ciaa: Have you work for any big cosmetics company?
Mariam: I am macpro certified, but I did work for Lancome as the manager.

Ciaa: what are some of the services that you offer your clients?
Mariam:My services are many, they range from, bridal makeup packages and or makeup applications, to headgear tying, to fashion consulting, to hosting head wraps fashion shows to selling fashions products.

Ciaa: when I went trough your website I noticed that your clients came from different background, tell us a bit about that.
Mariam:I tried to show how our African beauty can be brought out in any race and color. African beauty can cross boundaries just like we humans are and I try to show that if you are an African married to a German or any other race I can still bring out the African beauty in you.

Ciaa: As a beauty expert what are some of the beauty products that every African woman should carry in their Purses?
Mariam:Press powder, we blacks tend to have oily skin, AND lip gloss with light color, we tend to have dry lips.

Ciaa: If had to spend one day with an African Personality (politician, musician, designer or just normal person) who will it be and why?
Mariam:The normal person would be my mother, a woman of substance, Mrs Toyin Adebisi, because she is the backbone to my success. She is an entrepreneur and more, who have successfully managed business ranging from restaurant to medical, supplies to clinics, personal care homes, home healths. She makes cakes, in fact started nursing school, and at the moment has a catering services with a banquet hall and she also decorates. She is a very strong woman who keeps inspiring me. In her community she is an important personality.

Ciaa : I know life can be very hectic here in North America , so do you get to go back home from time to time
Mariam:Not yet but the communities we have in North America that will never let you forget about back home. Example…. The parties, the food stores, restaurants and so many other events that brings u back home.
Ciaa: Any Beauty tips for Ciaafrique readers?
Mariam:Sure, beauty starts from inside, drink plenty water, get enough sleep, stay stress free, be happy, and your glow will naturally come out.

Ciaa: Do you have any kind of project for the next five years, Perhaps giving classes to women on how to be and stay an African Beauty?
Mariam: Yes I am looking into having a workshop, for women are willing to learn basic makeup and tying the headgears.
Ciaa: You are is truly remarkable women, We need more women like you to teach the younger generation that you can become anything you want to be if you put you mind to it . Here you are coming from another continent and made your mark in North America as a successful Business woman. Ciaafrique readers and I wishes you all the best for your future project.Mariam:Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to you also.

Don 't you love the colors!!!
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