Monday, May 4, 2009

Babani kone la beaute malienne

Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a nice weekend !!!!!!! Well I did ,the weather was really nice in Toronto ,I went out and walk a bit with my family. Anyways many of the readers of Ciaafrique might not know Babani kone but she is actually the Beyonce of my country (Mali). she is the singer that every bride will kill for to sing for her at her wedding. I have gotten that pleasure of that thanks to my dear mother who was able to invite her at my wedding . I will like you guys to discover this beautiful woman because she represent not the Malian beauty but the African woman.Check out her different style and tell me what you think. I most of the pictures she is wearing one of Mali traditional fabric called Bazin. The fabric is well know in western African Countries. The fabric is white but you can actually customize it and make it your own colors and style. I will be talking more about this fabric in future posts but in the meantime enjoy.

Babani Kone


Babani kone covered in Gold

I love this one

Ah le Bazin Malien

So guys what do you think about these pictures isn't she beautiful ?


  1. You live in Toronto,Canada . So do I.

  2. Elle est vraiment jolie, avec tous ses boubous, j'ai entendu parler d'elle, mais j'avais jamais vu sa photo.


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