Wednesday, December 3, 2008


If you live the Santa Monica Area (USA) and are looking for some nice African clothes to wear during summer Mami African should be your next stop. She does have some nice design for Young women on the go. According to her website she was inspired by the multitude kind of fabric that Africa had to offer when she went on vacation in Kenya in 2007. Her goal is to Make us young African women wear more of our own culture. There are so many young African designers these days that we could wear clothing from our culture all year around. To tell you the truth i did like to wear my western clothes but that was until i learned about all these nice designers. I wish it was not as cold as it is in Canada. Her collection is for everybody white, black asian, and more. You can check out this lovely lady designs on her Website or if you live in Santa Monica you could check out her store. Have a nice shopping!!!!!!!!!

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