Thursday, February 18, 2016

5 places to shop for Dashiki dresses and skirts

By AdinkraExpo, BUY HERE
Ever since Kyemah McEntyre’s went to her prom in a red long sleeve dashiki print gown last year, Dashiki prints have become even more popular in North America. I've received quite a few emails about the best places to purchase them. I can't confirm if these are authentic Dashikis or not but, oe thing is for sure they are all beautiful. Below you will find a list of 5 stores for your shopping convenience. A few of them of them also carry Dashiki tops, or set for men.

RAHYMA: This store carries a lot of options including the above skirt which is currently on sale.

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ADINKRA EXPO: This store carries Dashikis for both men and women and the prices are reasonable.
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BANAWAX: You will find plenty of skirts options at this store.

ASIKERE AFANA : This store is my absolute favorite. Their designs are very cute, up to date and pregnant friendly.

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LAVIYE: The above peplum top is just perfect for night out.

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