Friday, January 25, 2013


I am glad that  there are more and more African designers in Canada. Moréniké ( Designer of Aręwà ) expresses her flair for inspired clothing under the Aręwà label. Her vision for Aręwà is to elegantly dress the young, globally conscious woman in an effortless fusion of current obsessions and eccentric Yoruba flamboyance. Aręwà clothing is not just inspired by different cultures, but also an exotic expression of unique experiences, timelessness, genuine individuality and adventure. Aręwà is truly about marching to the beat of your own beautiful well-orchestrated drum! Aręwà is about novelty and selectively choosing individual fashion trends, often ignoring key looks that everyone else has latched onto. It is about dressing unconventionally, delighting in standing out of the crowd and always finding creative ways to style beautiful clothing ensemble


The collection is inspired by the current Nigerian urban life and crises, and a sense of helplessness I feel about such situations as Boko Haram clashes, the Jos massacre in 2010 and the killing of peaceful protesters of the fuel subsidy scam by the corrupt Nigerian government earlier in 2012.

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