Saturday, September 15, 2012


Salut Dolls,

So I finally received my very first curlkit yestertday and I could not wait to open it . Many of you might or might not know what this is. Well curlkit is basically a monthly subscription service for girls with natural hair. They send you a few products samples in each month. In your box you'll find everything from, Shampoos , conditioners, gels, oils and so forth.  From time to time you might also get products coupons.The subscription is $20 US a month + 12 dollars shipping because I live in Canada.  So let's see what's in my box this month:

1. Queen Helena - Royal Curls: Moisture Rich Conditioner

2. Not My Mothers: Knotty To Nice Conditioning Detangler

 3.Twist N Locs: Natural Oil Shampoo & Leave-in Conditioner

4. III Sisters of Nature: Natural Lengthening Creme

5.Lustrasilk - Curlmax: Curl Pudding

There was another product meant for this package but they put a card in the box explaining why they did not put it in the bag this month. I have never tried any of these products before because there are so many products out there right now  for natural girls so its really good to try  it before you buy it .  I don't know if I had  my money worth  but I am willing to continue my subscription for a few more months because no matter how much you love products there is so much you can have in your bathroom and I imagine that at some point they  will no longer have any new products to ship. Anyways  what do you think about the concept of receiving products samples ? 

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