Thursday, March 8, 2012


Nairoby Matos – Arise Magazine Issue 15 
 Yesterday  while checking my twitter timeline I came upon a few Nigerians bloggers tweets  stating that the local nigerian models were furious because allegedly   they were not getting paid the same as some of the other international models on the runway. I am not in Lagos so I could not  confirm exactly what happened but here is my 2 cents if this is what happened
  • Why we have yet to hear from the Arise Magazine team? My guess is they were not expecting something like this to happen. But nonetheless by now their Pr should have released a statement to let us know what's happening.

  • Why the F....k that model had to open her mouth  to tell someone else what how much she is making off the show ? Does she know about privacy. I guess she must be feeling really bad right now and might never get invited back to the show .

  • Why the F....k local models think they  should be making the same as others? I mean its obvious that models don't make the same for  the same gig. Naomi Campbell does not make same as other models even though they do the same job.  No one is irreplaceable so if you don't want to do the job someone else will do it.  They should be paid fairly but it up to every model to negotiate their own contract.

Both sides ( local and international models ) showed their unprofessionalism in this case. If you feel that  you are being treated unfairly at least do your job that day and tell your employer that you not longer wish to do the job and maybe you might get something that way . I am was  contemplating going to  Lagos this time because I am not that far from Nigeria . Due to  some personal reasons I decided not to go anymore.  I would have been pissed to buy my plane ticket only for the models to boycott  to show. Although I am not thrilled about the fact that the Arise team did  not release an official statement yet I must also say that this is only their second year doing this show in Nigeria and things happen. This will be a lesson for them  for the coming years.  If you know more about this story please enlighten us  about the situation  and also join the fab ladies @       e on twitter this sunday at 2PM  UK TIME as we discuss crisis management. Everyone is free to join us under #talkafricanfashion .  I hope the show will go on today. 


  1. I find your views pretty harsh on the models...both local and the one who revealled her salary.

    First thing first, salary isn't a private thing, especially in Fashion. We know how much Gisele Bundschen or Kate Moss make...
    So I'm not sure what this girl did wrong.

    Second of all, I think this is very much an African thing where we value anything 'international' more than our local ressource. And that works for evrything (wax, food or school books). So I'm not sure why the conplaining local models are being wrong in voicing this.

    I 'd gather that if this show is also a way to promotote african dynamism in fashion, it's quite awkward to realise that local models are being underpaid, and therefore underestimated.

    Altought I fully appreciate the strategy behind it: having international models as a mean to get international media attention and therefore international sponsors, in order to push Lagos as a hub of international - not just african - fashion; I still beleive the locals models have a point.

  2. @MAN Thanks for your comment. I know that in fashion salaries are not private sometimes however I don't think models should go around talking about how much they are making for their gigs. I do agree with you with the fact that us African sometimes only appreciate things that come from abroad. For example wearing wax (Ankara) is getting more recognitions now because the west has started to get into it. Again I don't know if they are being paid fairly if they are not then that is a big problem .

  3. no no no, you are getting it all wrong. i think they have the right to be angry, or pissed that they are not using them as much or paying them as much.. i mean, do you know what some of them had to do to get in? i know about two girls, that had to starve themselves crazy,trek and jog really long distances, so they would lose weight as the judges were very strict regarding size this year.. and then after all that, the arise board think its okay to treat the local models anyhow and with less respect??? That's pure BULL!


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