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I found this interesting article at the Gardian a few days ago and I wanted to share and have a discussion with you. Let me start by saying that I am currently a proud natural girl however I have nothing against girls with straight hair. I had my straight almost all my life and I respect the way  people want to keep their hair. Our hair do not determine who we are as black women. keeping my natural does not make me more African than my friend who has straightened hair, its just a personal choice. I still rock my weaves, wigs and human hair all the time. Although this article only talks about Nigerian women this is a reality in almost all parts of Africa.Check it out below
In a world of dramatically contrasting poverty and wealth, it's a rare common denominator: the one social status symbol of choice that cuts across Nigeria's vast class and culture groups is hair extensions. And the longer and straighter, the better.
They are so popular that few women in the buzzing commercial cities of Africa's most populous nation openly wear their hair in its natural, curly state. "We're never taught to look after our natural hair, and it's something you're supposed to learn as a child, the way you learn to tie your shoelaces," said Yemi Akinrinade, 28, who struggled to persuade her own hairstylist not to straighten her curls on her wedding day.
Another woman, a blogger known as Natural Nigerian, said women stare at her open-mouthed in salons, where Nigerian stylists usually try to drag their combs through her hair saying "sister we have to control this!"
Some Nigerians have reported that they have been warned to "do something" about their hair at work. Black women in the US and South Africa have pursued successful workplace harassment cases in similar incidents, saying it amounts to discrimination.
In Nigeria, that puzzles many. "South Africans like natural hair because they're not fashion-conscious," said a Lagos salon owner, Abogo Ugwokeghbe. "But Nigerian women like the latest fashion," he added.
Scores of them visit his popular DSalon Downtown chains to straighten their hair. Sodium hydroxide, the key ingredient used in the bi-monthly process, irons out even the toughest afro curls — but burns the scalp if left on too long. It's considered a worthwhile risk, with some perceiving it as a necessity in a hyper class-conscious society.
"No rich man will marry a girl with village [unstraightened] hair," declared Esther, 18, a rural migrant to the capital, Abuja, as chemical fumes wafted off the cream smothered on own scalp in the Natural Beauty salon, a four-seat outfit in a crowded market.
Another popular practice is the application of extensions known as weaves. Strands of hair are attached in a weave-like pattern. Market vendors generally claim to sell genuine versions of the most popular weave, known as a Brazilian — and made from real human hair.
Nigeria's love affair with human hair extensions emerged, via the US, back in the mid-1990s. Then, a handful of boutiques such as Aunty Funmi's sold imported extensions priced in dollars, highlighting those wealthy enough to afford them. Locals still call expensive extensions "Funmi" hair.
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So what do you think of this article ? If you are Natural have you ever been teased for it ? if you have straight hair are you sick of people telling you about their natural hair?  However you keep your hair just be you .


  1. Unfortunately this is the whole truth . I have straight hair and I love it . but I when i was born that is what I was introduced to . It became part of me.

  2. I love my naturally curly kinky coily hair. And my husband actually wanted to date me in part because of it. He is not a fan of natural hair. I know lots of men who love natural hair, men of all races. Our preferences are as diverse as we are. We need to open our minds and celebrate the differences, while also embracing what God gave us.

  3. Unfortunately, straightened hair and weaves is now the default hair in Nigeria.I was home this past Xmas and the two days (before getting my hair braided/weave) i had my afro, i got all sort of remarks and comments.Now when people ask me"why is you hair natural, i ask them "why is your skin natural" c'est finnit!

  4. @chic Therapy , Girl you kill me ROFL

    @shones Good point doll

  5. lol I can totally related. My Dad told me natural hair is not professional. To add My Pastor also said he won't take anyone with natural hair seriously -

    I've been natural for over 2years -and I most certainly will not go back to relaxers - that said Natural hair can be alot of work - it really takes patience and commitment - -Weaves and Wigs are just easier and quite frankly more glamorous. Natural hair is bold, striking and beautiful.

    Most Naija women can't be arsed to do deal with their own hair - also everyone feels the need to look a certain way - it's just the way it is - this will change soon

  6. This is a really good article Assa. Its hard to hear but this is the truth. I myself don't have natural hair but I can relate to this story. From the time a was 6 years my mother started relaxing my hair because she felt like it was too hard to care for.

  7. I am all natural and I love it and I get oohs and aahs in salons because my long natural hair it is quite a rarity here.

  8. I think this article is relevant here in Cote d'Ivoire where I live. There is a growing number of natural girls here but most people (natural or not) take it as a trend, or a strategy to grow hair before going back to straight hair. I have nothing against girls with straight hair, but as a proud nappy girl i am puzzled(almost chocked) to meet every single day people that think that wearing hair I was born with is not normal!

  9. I love this article because it brings light to a sad reality. I myself have always chemically straigthened my hair, because as a child you are told that pretty girls have straight hair. It is also a sign of "evolution", from the village girl to the girl of the city. I certainly do not believe this argument, but it is one that many people have presented in the debate natural vs relaxed. It has been almost one year since i have stopped straightening my hair, and let me tell you it was hard to transition. Like many of you, weaves and wigs are my best beauty tools, but that is because i do not know how to manage my natural kinky hair, and there are very VERY few hair shops that have experienced stylist. CIAA, if you come across any articles that give tips on how to take care of natural hair, please post. Thanks!

  10. People in America are loving natural hair. I have not gotten this much commendation with my hair especially from white men for my natural locks. One whiteVP from my company was calling me Cleopatra and bowing to me BC of my natural twist out. Our locks are so beautiful and versatile. No more creamy crack for me.

    1. Yes , more People are embracing their natural hair. I believe there is more and more info out there now about our hair and more products too.

  11. No matter what you say to me, i am long done with extensions and co. I love my natural hair and if no man likes it that is their own wahala not mine.


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