Tuesday, January 24, 2012


For someone like myself who had relaxed hair almost all my life transitioning to your natural state can be very difficult not only for you but  also for your significant other. When I decided to go natural I did not want to go trough a transition process I just completely shaved my head. My husband did it for me and to this day he still cannot believe I went bold for some time before my hair started to grow. To tell you the truth if you continue to use your wigs and weaves here and there then most people might not even notice the state of your hair. Men sometimes act like they don't really care about our hair but trust me they do. At the end of the day the person that sees you without your big wigs and weave is him so if he wants to know what's up then tell him about your hair. I found this hilarious and very informative video on youtube  that could really help you start that conversation with your man about your hair. This guy knows more about hair than I do lol . Check out the cool video below.

So what do you think of this Video? Do you ever talk to your man about your hair (whether you are natural or relaxed)?

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