Monday, January 2, 2012


Its so nice to start the new year with a bang. Let me introduce you to Souadou Barry  the creative mind behind Fulani handbags. She is a senegalese designer currently living in the USA. Souadou wants us to know a little bit about  her inspiration behind her debut collection, her background and her ideal customer.

As a well travelled designer, my inspiration is a reflection of all I’ve seen, felt and loved.
The principle element of design in this collection is inspired by a unique and rich handwoven fabric called Rabaal from Senegal. The artisans who weave the delicate fabric have kept the original patterns and have introduced a rainbow of vibrant and rich colors to the palette.

My background in Architecture gives me a great understanding of structure and function but more importantly of craftsmanship. I always had the desire to promote the work of artisans thru my projects. I like to keep the collection in simple and elegant lines to complement the eclectic fabric insert I use. Soft leather frame and luxury hardware give it a contemporary touch while the craftsmanship makes it timeless!

Your customer
My customer is fearless, mature and willing to set her own trend. I have designed for her a bag that will never go out off style.

Fulani is a handbag brand worth checking out. The bags look very well made and classy.The starting price for each bag is $450 however they are currently on sale for $299 with free shipping in the US.

So can you relate to her ideal customer? what do you think about the handbags? Do you want to see more from Fulani Handbags? Please leave your comments below

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  1. love these. fierce. thanks for sharing. now they are on my radar.

  2. Very nice bags! I love the prints that is used for each bag very lovely! Happy new year!

  3. These are beautiful!


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