Saturday, December 10, 2011


 I am adding a new section to this blog where I am going to talk about real life situations and we can discuss to keep the blog interesting. So I stumble upon this story on AfriPOP today about South African singer Mshoza bleaching her skin. AfriPOP reports that
this week she appeared on the popular South African talk show Motswako to declare her “passion to be white”. The horrified interviewer, Penny Lebyane, later said “Yes I was angry, Yes I took it personal! Yes I even wanted to shake her so I can get her to realize what she’s doing to herself!”

As a girl who grew up in Africa (Mali) I guess its safe to say that skin bleaching is part some women's every day life. I have seen countless of women even some extended family members going through extra length to make sure their skin was white.The women use the products to the point that their skin start becoming red. Many of them do not read or write and therefore not aware of the type of chemicals they are using in their body.Unfortunately  this problem exist in all black societies where some feel that the lighter girls get the more attention with men or even in the mainstream media. That statement might not be totally false. If you look at the young stars of this generation  From Rihanna , Ashanti , Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Halle Berry to name a few are all somewhat light skinned. To be honest there was a time in my life when I felt that way too. Although there are beautiful dark skinned celebrities out there its rare to pick up a Magazine and see them on the cover. A few that come to mind are Naomi Campbell, Kelly Rowland, Gabrielle Union..... I think black is beautiful but again  I don't  want to judge people who feel the need to change their skin color to look more appealing. The Singer sat down for an interview with Motswako, a South African talk show where she discusses  the reasons she started bleaching and revealed she wants to be like Christina Aguilera. Is she the next Micheal Jackson in the making? read the AfriPop's article about the Politics of Skin Bleaching in Africa

What are thoughts about the skin bleaching of Black women?Have you ever try it ? would you like too?


  1. I think it's sad, but only the individual can change their mind set. I hate that this type of self-hatred was exported to Africa in the form of advertisements and media.

  2. I think that is a ... complicated thing to exactly judge, but I would never ever do it. Of course, when I was a child, I was a little fairer, because I lived in Europe, I came back to africa, I got darker, but I never felt the urge to become something that obviously i am not. I am black, black is beautiful.

  3. This is sad and very disturbing.I think something happened to her while she was growing up.She really needs a reality check!!!!!

  4. its crazy how some people want to be white and some want to be black.what can i say maybe she does not know that black can't crack lol

  5. I just wish that these women were making an educated choice. That they fully realized what they were doing to their skin, the potential effects, and chose that they still want to do it - then I would accept a bit more...

    Right now, I just feel like they just want to be lighter at any cost... The question is: Once they get to the result, for how long will it last?

  6. In this case I am not sure if it has to do with the lack of knowlegde or information but the fact that she is a young woman like myself who grew up under the apartheid regimen, where being white had benefits in terms of treatment, certain priviledges and even people's own perception on white people. This is a complexity deeply rooted in her and cannot disappear that easily. So I think I get where she is coming from but it is sad beacuse as a public figure, it means she is a role model.

    XX Zozo


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