Monday, December 5, 2011


 This is the busiest time of the year for retailers, editors, and even some proffesional bloggers. The editors get so many requests a day from Fashion designers  to get their products on their holiday Gift guide for Christmas. This does not only apply to fashion designers but everyone who is trying to make a sale. The gift guide is  a compilation of items that an  editor of a blog or print mag recommends to his or her readers.  Here you are a young fashion designer with almost no sale and trying to get to the next level. The holidays can be a good time to boost your business.  Here are a few tips to consider

Don't be afraid to contact the most influential blogs and Magazines. Even though you are not well known in the business , your product might be a good fit for them.The sky is the limit !!.  contact all the places you think might be interested in your product. Do not limit yourself to the African fashion publications.

Know who to contact  and when to contact them. A lot of the Print magazines know already what will be in their guides maybe six months in advance but  with a little bit of chance you might be able to get in. If you think that you are late then its better to target bloggers. In fact you have more chance on being featured on blogs holidays gifts guide.

When sending your pitch make it sweet and short. I don't know about you but people tend to pay more attention  to personalized emails. The subject line of your email should be very catchy. The body of the email should answer these questions.  What are you selling ? why do you think their readers might love your products? what your price range?

Keep an eye on your emails and make sure you are ready to email back more photos or even send samples to magazine editors. The gift guides are different in some sense. Some people do  affordable guides , or eco friendly, or mix and match of a lot of different items. In my case when I do a guide it will lean towards items made by African designers or African inspired.

Last but not least  do a follow up. From time to  time we all miss emails, so by sending a follow up email might help you get an answer. If you do not get an answer within a certain amount of time , they might not be interested this year. That  should not prevent you from sending you a pitch next year. Some designers tend to sit back and relax thinking that someone will get to them. There millions of Products waiting to make it into print mags and blogs so unless you make yourself known no one will care. Be a go-getter !!!

I hope this will help you in preparing your next Holiday Gift Guide Pitch.If you are a designer have you ever pitched to a Blogger or publications before ? what was your experience?


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