Saturday, December 3, 2011


(Toutes les photos de Fima sont sur notre page facebook)
Le festival international de la mode Africaine (FIMA) took place last week in Niger. This year  marks the eighth edition of the festival which was founded  in 1998 by the one and only Niger designer Alphadi(The festival happens every 2 years). This festival brings together some of the biggest names in African fashion including Mustapha Hassanaly, Alphadi, Pathe O, Daviva, Elie Kuame, Maimour, to name a few.This year more than 200 people in the African fashion industry  including designers , models, stylists made their way to the festival. It also aims to introduce young talents of our continent and to develop their craft. FIMA is not often talked about on the multitude  African fashion websites or covered in the mainstream media ,but one thing we should know is that Fima has been there before all the so called  African fashion weeks. Starting  a fashion festival in Africa is very challenging as it is but doing it in a country where 90% percent of the population is muslin  is even more challenging.

Elie Kuame
Alphadi the creator of the festival has been facing those challenges for many years. Some Islamist group have been  threatening him to prevent FIMA from happening in Niger. Remember  when I posted  about Alphadi's fashion being burned to the ground a few months ago.  From the pictures and the videos it looks like the  show went very well. However one of my friend who lives in Niger told us that the show was under tight security. Its a shame that in this day and age some people are still not open minded.This festival actually brings millions of US dollars to the country's economy because its not only about the fashion show but the people coming from other countries  and spending their money on, tourism,  foods, hotels and so fourth. For me this is real African fashion. This is a show that my mother and I can go to and all find something we want.  The clothes are clothes that African women wear. Its not  about taking Ankara and make a  pair of shorts. ( I guess I am somewhat bitter today uhmm!!)
Maimour Couture ( Mali0

We always want the modern look but one thing is clear our mothers in Africa will never stop wearing their big Boubou's and Geles. That is the beauty of African fashion. There were too many designers for  me to seat and talk about each collection. To be honest some of them were gorgeous  and some were as bad as I will not let my enemy were it .
Imane Ayissi
Before I go I would like to take a minute to thank FREDERIC DE LA CHAPELLE  who is the great photographer who took these gorgeous pictures. Frederic travels around Africa to Snap beautiful photos of fashion shows. I uploaded hundred of pictures of the different designers on our facebook page. Make sure you also watch the video below.

Fima 2011 : Final de la grande nuit du Fima by starafrica

so any thoughts ? Do you think Alphadi should continue  with the festival after the threats?

Photos: Frederic de la chapelle


  1. "Its not about taking Ankara and make a pair of shorts".
    J'adore! C'est vrai que trop de designers le font!

    Sinon, je pense qu'Alphadi doit IMPERATIVEMENT continuer son festival, il y a du niveau et cela apporte concrètement à la mode africaine! L'Afrique a besoin du FIMA

  2. Mais c'est vrai. Plein de createurs surtout en europe et USA pensent que la mode Africaine S'arrete a l' ankara.We have so much more to offer.


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