Monday, November 28, 2011


When I started blogging 3 years ago I was just a girl with her laptop trying to make a change on the way people see , feel and think about African fashion. There was barely any website that did what I did. I had no experience at all with regards of how to get what i wanted as a blogger.Today I am going to tell you a story about how I got my first interview for the blog with an African fashion label and what i learned from it. So here I am with this blog with almost no content trying to get an interview with a somehow well established label. So since I lived quite far from them I sent them an email to find out if its possible for them to respond to a few questions for me. They responded a few days later and advised that they could. I was pretty happy, so the questions were sent off and the waiting game started. I waited patiently for two weeks and did not hear back, so I sent another brief message to remind them of the questions once again they got back to saying that they are working on it. Third and fourth fifth ,sixth week came and went and no answer. my blood started boiling a bit and I sent an email back to them on the 8th week and said the following." Hello, I was just following up with you again to see if you were still interested in doing the interview I know you might be busy however I know if this was vogue contacting you I am sure you would have found the time to respond quicker " OUPS. I felt so bad about sending that email. After my email I got an answer 3 hours later with my answers and they specified that they were just busy nothing do to with being vogue or not. What did I learn from this?

 I learned that I should not  have lost my cool especially I was the one asking them a favor. 
I learned that the world does not turn around me and that people have personal and busy lives. 
I learned that when you put something in writing its forever. 
I was not being professional. 
I am not vogue lol !
From then until now I still have about 50 emails sitting in my inbox waiting to be answered. If you want to get to your destination  in life you are going to be ignored many times but you just pick yourself up and move on to the next one. My husband always tells me if you don't ask you don't get.The same goes for African designers you got to keep going until you get to the top. For those that are already on the top and acting all mighty remember that its your customers that put you there and things can change in matter of months.I love each and everyone that read this blog everyday. You give me strength to sit on my computer every now and them and write a post.

(FYI)Ciaafrique is turned 3 on the 18th of November. 


  1. Hi Ciaafrique,

    This is very inspiring and encouraging. I have a young blog,only several months old...and I can totally relate to what you went through, sending emails and reminders in search of content. Just a question 3 years later, does blogging pay the bills or you just do it for the passion?

    Kudos on the great work you are doing! You are a great source of information and inspiration on African fashion.

  2. Congrats on turning 3.
    I appreciate all the informative posts you put up for us to read and you inspire a lot of people too.
    Stay Blessed!

  3. I feel you on this because I did the same thing when I was able to interview Shala Monroque for my little obscure blog. I realized that all she had to do was tell me no. I was taught when you want to do something don't worry about whether they tell you no, just move on from it.

  4. you guys really rock !!!!! Thank you. Bloggint is really fun and you have to take it one day at the time.

  5. Thank you for this post. You obviously learned something from that early experience, and in and of itself this is good. I appreciate your blog. I put your stuff on Pinterest often, with links automatically going back to your blog, of course. Keep up the great work and congrats on reaching 3 years.

  6. @Shones Thank you so much girl. You guys keep me going. I appreciate all the love and the kind comments

  7. Thank you doll , I know you just have to keep going !!!!!


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