Monday, July 11, 2011

Lookbook: Mina Evans for Vlisco Dazzling Graphics

Ghanaian designer Mina Evans  was one of the fantastic designers that showcased her work  during the Vlisco Dazzling Graphics Fashion Show In Ghana back in  May 2011. Please note that all these pieces are available for purchase. Mina Evans us definitely a designer to watch 
Pagne-vlisco Ghanaian designer Mina Evans

Ghanaian designer Mina Evans vlisco sur ciaafrique

vlisco pagne ciaafrique

Pagne- vlisco-african fashion ciaafrique Ghanaian designer Mina Evans

Check out Mina Evans website here


  1. Beautiful!! I really really like these

    Adiya (formally The Corner Shop)

  2. This collection is screaming out my name...I can totally see myself in every item here

  3. I'm proud of all of these designers who are stepping up to create these beautiful items. But, a lot of the African style is now being sold by so many European designers now that it's really blocking them from actually selling any of their goods to make a real profit.

  4. @divalocity I think the whole idea of the vlisco show was for vlisco (who produces ankara fabrics) to showcase their new collection. So I am sure the fabrics were given to the designers and they had no choice. Other than that, I think Mina Evans used the fabrics sooo well! A great designer! Definitely looking out for her!

  5. I have recently been looking into African designers and am thrilled at what I have found. Mina Evans is one that I feel most drawn to! All I want to know is where do I purchase her pieces from! I have gone to her site, and perhaps I missed something, but I just get photos of her fashions and nothing to indicate where to purchase. If anyone can assist me I would greatly appreciate it!

  6. @Leisa
    Hey doll ,
    I asked the designer and she said that currently all the order are made Via Email So here it is

  7. Assa Cisse, big hugs and kisses to you! Thank you for sharing; I appreciate you!


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