Saturday, May 21, 2011


Michèle Pouani is the brain and body behind Pyromaniac by mp. She hails from Yaoundé Cameroon, where her passion for clothes stems from her sweet upbringing in a family where Mom is a well-known and locally acclaimed fashion designer/entrepreneur.As she could not have chosen a more “fitting” path to embark on, her career began in 2002 in Paris where she graduated with a Fashion Design and Technology diploma.
After her French degree she worked for various maisons de couture in the likes of Isabelle Beaumenay and Allali Ferouz among others. To cultivate her creative and sharp spirit, she made a bold move to Vancouver B.C. in 2006 where she acquired a diploma in International Business Management. Michèle later relocated to Montréal to continue her Business apprenticeship while working with the renowned Quebec designer Isabelle Elie. Through it all she was profoundly inspired to craft her very own creations and started sowing the seeds of Pyromaniac by mp.Now introducing Michelle's debut collection .......

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So what do you think of Pyromaniac By Michele Pouani? Is it one of your favorite fashion houses? designers? would you like to see more from them . Always let me know if there are any other designers you’d like to see spotlighted on Ciaafrique in the future.


  1. Michèle Pouani is a new generation of african designer !

  2. loves the 3rd picture..that black skirt is divine

  3. My name is Gemma Raeburn-Baynes, I organize A Taste of the Caribbean Festival for the past 14 years. This year our theme is "Celebrating our Heritage - Our Roots..African and the Caribbean, the Best of Both Worlds. We would like to feature your African Fashions on the gorgeous Montreal Ebony Model at the Taste of the Caribbean on May 19, 2013 at the Raymond Bourque Arena. Kindly contact me at (514) 620-6612.


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