Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inspired by Africa: Rihanna in Tina Kalivas and L.A.M.B

Rihanna performed last night in time square wearing this fabulous jacket from the 2009 collection of Tina kalivas. Yes she is not the an African designer however the fabric that she used for this collection was from Ghana . I posted the entire collection here sometimes last year . Do we love it ?

Rihanna in L.A.M.B

Update:Today my girl from FG2BH Posted pics of Riri again  wearing this ankara print jacket from singer Gwen Stephani  2010 L.A.M.B  collection . This was on the set of good morning  America . It seems like Rihanna is in the mood for   African print these days. I wish she will try  an African designer at last . 


  1. Wow i really like the fact that rihanna is using African fabric. I would love for her to use African designers now

  2. Tina Kalivas is a brilliant fashion designer! She learned the secrets of the trade working with Alexander McQueen and now she takes the world of Fashion by storm with a collection inspired to the Native Americans. Another designer going back to the past and old traditions to create. On Lancia TrendVisons' blog you can see Totem, Tina Kalivas latest 10/11 autumn-winter collection.


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