Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fabulous finds: Forever 21 tribal twist

    $13.5                                                                                 $22.5

Forever 21 just launched  a  Tribal  collection . I went to try  the pants  4 days ago ( pictures later ) but its was kind of tight  .So all of you African Print lovers here is   you chance  to be beautiful , fashionable   the affordable way. 


  1. I actually bought the pants and i love it

  2. Now everyone is capitalizing off of our style, but are we?

  3. yeah this collection is getting a lot of people fired up.The big guys always try to make money off the little ones. I hope our designers also get the opportunity to shine

  4. Roderick Drigo RichardsonJune 5, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    Assa I really like your blog and what you are doing but I could name at least 5 other people that are real designers that could use your exposure than this garbage. Please dont be offended I have and will continue to be a fan but please Forever21?? They probibly had the fabric made in india or china and just water down someones designs in some sweat shop with underprivileged workers "slaves". I can name 2 designers who's designs they stole and if I look hard enough I can maybe find more.

  5. @ Roderick
    I am not offended at all , in fact one the reason why my blog exits is to give more exposure to the African designers. I personally adore forever 21 and shop there all the time . Regardless of the fact that the clothes are made in India for cheap. I tend not to see the negative side of it and just report what i see . I am a fashion ...


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