Sunday, June 20, 2010

AFRICAN HANDBAG DESIGNER IN CANADA :Mo Handahu designer of clutch culture

Mo Handahu  is a Zimbabwean born designer currently residing in Canada.  She  began designing and hand making these beautiful clutches in 2009. Here are  few word from MO how how she got into designing  clutches"
I have   always been a creative soul and love to try different forms of artistry and see ways of mixing them together.  Fabrics have no boundaries when it comes to texture, color and print, which gives us a platform to experiment and find harmonious ways to match different fabrics"  This fact just creates a place for me to really try anything! and i LOVE that about my clutches... they are all so different and invoke a different feeling out of me.  I'm still just a baby in this fashion world but all I want to do is learn as much as I can, apply it and hopefully people will love what I do. Designed and hand-made by Mo Handahu, these versatile clutches can cross over from day to evening wear. Clutch Culture is for fashion savvy women who are unapologetic about their awareness of self and have surrendered themselves to originality. The collections will encourage women to renew their sense of exploration and wander back into the world of color. Check out the latest collection below.You can contact MO here , here or here 


African handbag

So what do you think of  clutch culture? Is it one of your favorite handbag  designers? Would you like to see more from them ? Always let me know if there are any other designers you’d like to see spotlighted on Ciaafrique in the future . I love African fashion !!!!!!!


  1. these clutches are such creative and beautiful pieces.

  2. Lovely designs, love the color blends in the designs....

  3. I own two of Mo's stunning clutches and every time I go out with one I am asked "where can I get one?". She is sure to be a success with her line. Such head turning excellence!

  4. whaaaaaaaat!!these clutches are super super hot


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