Friday, October 19, 2012

LAUREN PIERCE by Lauren Bush {Archives}

Sometimes I go and check back some of my old posts and this  collection was one of the cutest collection I have ever posted.The girl is so cute with her curly hair .

Originally posted 5/19/2010
African fashion has come a long way. African print is no longer only used in Africa but all over the world.Lauren Bush is an American designer and she on the spotlight today because of the above collection. This collection reminds me of my home country Mali and the way we dye our fabrics. Iam absolutely in love with the color coordination and the designs.The Lauren Pierce collection is made with environmentally friendly fabrics that are of the highest quality as well as handcrafted fabrics from artisans around the world.Who is a Lauren pierce woman? According to her website 
"A Lauren Pierce woman is a natural girl at heart. She is socially conscious and cares about the world she lives in. She doesn't dress according to passing trends. She views her clothes as natural extensions of who she is inside and out. It is with ease and grace that she exudes a carefree elegance that allows her to live her life to the fullest. She is a beautiful, intelligent and dynamic woman - a Lauren Pierce woman."



 African print dress-kitenge


So what do you think of Lauren Pierce ?  


  1. i totally love her pieces...very wearable.simple and chic.I love the one with the deep v in the back!

  2. Lovely dresses, especially the second picture.

  3. I know the V in the Back is fierce . I would not mind any of the pieces .

  4. wow Ciaa this is my first time on your blog and i love it . This collection is crazy . I want to have them all !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Really inspiring collection! Love the first picture!


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