Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Interview with the Designers of Deenola

Ciaafrique was able to catch up with the Duo ,Ola and Deena of DEENOLA  right before they unveiled  their debut  collection at the African fashion weekend in Dublin last Saturday.

Ciaa: Tell us a  bit about  yourselves 

Deenola: We are Deena and Ola we are a designers duo from Comoros Island and Cameroon respectively but we grew up in France.Both of us come from a very artistic background Deena is a singer-songwriter while Ola is a make-up artist and personal fashion stylist.
Ciaa: What influences your latest designs?
Deenola: Our personality was a key element in the collection. For Deena, she is more edgy and she loves trousers and her comfort in clothes. For Ola is more dresses with light fabric such as silk or chiffon, they compliment her body shape better.
Our culture was also an element of inspiration.

Ciaa: What is the best compliment you’ve received so far for your line ?

The best compliment was that you can feel our identity and personality through the clothes and they love the comfort of most of our pieces.
The other thing is the like of the little embroideries and interested details on some of our garments.

Etouma dress (African fashion weekend in Dublin)

Ciaa: I understand that you will be showing your collection at the African fashion weekend in Dublin , What should  we expect ?
Comfort, versatility and detailed. We really went back to our roots using material such as Korys shell.

Ciaa: What's the most fun thing about having your own line?

Deenola : It is just such an achievement and the fact that you are wearing your vision .
 it is undoubtedly a massive sense of pride. Also we definitely want to represent every women through this collection.


Ciaa: What do you think about the Emerging Skills, creativity, talents of African designers?

We are so happy that the industry of African designers is growing, we have some raw talents.

We really need to work on the presentation of our designs such as the choice of models that represents the brands, the whole visual merchandising that we sell cause every detail counts.

Shani Jumpsuit 

Ciaa:What will you be wearing this season?
Deenola: This year expect to wear with Deenola,  something confortable with a twist. We tried to incorporate in the collection different trends like the jumpsuit, a wrap dress and ruffles. Something soft but edgy

Ciaa :Are there any new or upcoming projects you are working on that you can share with us?
We are always working and trying  to be creative we are already planning our 2 nd collection but along that the first objective is to enveil and promote our first collection through projects like "My Africa" www.myafrica.org.uk and have a good presence in the press

Ciaa: What's one trend you've been seeing that you absolutely want to go away?
Deenola: W
e were not keen on leggings. We think a lot of curvy girls thought they could get away with it but it was just plain wrong big fashion faux pas.

Ciaa: Where can we order or buy your designs?
You will be able to order online from our website www.deenola.co.uk which will be running very soon. We are still working on the campaign so watch this space.

Ciaa: Any African designers you like to work with  in the future? and Who is your favorite Fashion Designer? 
We love Nkow's designs it is so beautiful and effortless.

There is not just one. We love Marchesa and Elie Saab for the detailed work

Ciaa: Thank you for your time and we cannot wait to see your collection at the African fashion weekend in Dublin.

Thank you for having us !

Pictures: Courtesy of Deenola.

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