Sunday, January 10, 2010

African fashion Online Store : Africhic

If you follow the African Fashion world closely them you must have heard about the newest Online shop  for luxury African designer fashion : Africhic.
Accordig to their website was founded in 2009, with head quarters in Cape Town, South Africa. was launched after recognizing a niche in the market - a platform for South African designers to sell local made garments, thus enriching local areas, supporting local designers and workers.It was recognized that fashionable South African designers posed a certain flair when it came to design - uniting and infusing different ethnic backgrounds in South Africa. Garments are unique and distinctive as well as being in vogue! mission is to make the world discover the best of African design with exceptional service. Although they are located all the way in South Africa , the Afronistas out there have no more excuses about not being able to access the work of fabulous African designers. Check out some looks that were only posted 2 hours ago on their facebook page. Enjoy


  1. I love the whole outfit although i might able to fit in it. lol

  2. Their designs are modern, yet they scream 'africa!'. Love the attitude

  3. Thx so much ladies for heads up:) the harem pants are from Suzaan Heyns - one of my favourite designers!
    end of this month we are implementing also a sizing help where you can input your measurements to find your right size so this should help for online shop also!
    Please follow our blog for all happenings around


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