Friday, November 6, 2009


I am loving this African fashion boutique on the block , Ohema Ohone designs are just amazingly beautiful, according to their website.

Ohema Ohene is a new British London based boutique fashion brand created by British born designer Abenaa Pokuaa. The name meaning ‘Queen & King’ in the Ghanaian language of Twi was a play on her Ghanaian heritage and her love for all things royal and fabulous. After successfully completing a degree in ‘Fashion design technology surface Textiles’ at London College of fashion; Abenaa then went on to work in the industry developing her technical and commercial understanding.On returning from the Far East were she worked as a designer and from a short trip to Ghana, Abenaa finalised the concept of the brand. Ohema Ohene produces beautiful, high quality stylish seasonal clothing which is representative of London’s multicultural population, blending what is quintessentially British with West African textiles. The rich prints are directly sourced from Ghana using authentic traditional motifs blended with more contemporary imagery. Abenaa also designs many of the prints herself and. The brand gives the wearer a sense of glamour, clever design and good quality products which are fashion forward, wearable and culturally influenced.

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