Friday, August 28, 2009

Kiki Clothing

The designer of Kiki clothing

According to her website KIKI Clothing is a Ghanaian based designer label which has fast become a household name with a large following. Specializing in vibrant ethnic designs for children and adults, KIKI Clothing is a business dedicated to and passionate about promoting Made in Africa products.A godsend for mothers especially, the KIKI concept appeals to the whole family. Among its line of collections are smart-casual clothes for young boys and girls, a womenswear range consisting of Afro centric pieces and a variety of specially tailored men shirts.
In addition to clothes, the KIKI concept features a beautiful range of casual friendly footwear for adults and children. The fruity colored selection is made from the highest quality of Italian leather and hand produced in Ghana.KIKI Clothing's vision to encourage and promote the patronization of African inspired designs to a wide range of faithful clients is being realized!

What do you think guys ? I loveeeeeeeee it
Don 't forget to check her website for more pictures and for course to find her website just click on my African designers Directory link .


  1. Hi Kiki ,
    your art. work is Beautiful !!!

  2. thats how its


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