Monday, April 6, 2009

Interview with the designers behind the fashion label Mataano

Ciaa:I would like to welcome you to Ciaafrique, and thank you
for taking your time for this interview. Can you present yourselves to the readers?
Mataano: We are Idyl and Ayaan Mohallim, the designers behind the fashion label Mataano.

Ciaa: How hard was it for you to break in the fashion industry?
Mataano: It was and continues to be a labor of love. We moved to NY in 2004 and started from the ground up. We launched our first collection, Spring 2009, during September 2008 fashion week.

Ciaa where do you get your inspirations from?
Mataano: Are design aesthetic is influenced by the intermingling of cultures. We are a product of Somali and American heritage, so we aim to bring that aesthetic to the public through the Mataano brand. We are also influenced daily by life, art and music.

Ciaa: How do you feel being compared to the Olsen Twins?
Mataano: They are successful twins and we want to reach the same level of success as they have. I think the only comparison made is that we are twin designers like the Olsen twins.

Ciaa: who are your favorite African Designers?
Mataano: Our favorite African designer is Tiffany Amber of Nigeria.

Ciaa : How do people in Somalia react to your success?
Mataano: Our support and backbone are our Somalian people. We have gotten so much praise and love from our Somali people.

Ciaa: where can we buy Mataano designs
Mataano :Please go to for store listings.

Ciaa: I am very excited for your success in this tough fashion world! Any last word for our readers?
Mataano: Thank you Ciaa for giving African designers a platform and for showcasing African designers.

Ciaa: Ciaafrique and all the readers wish you all the best for future .
There you have it people , to find out the latest about Mataano please check out their website

Click here to see pictures of the Mataano latest collection


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